Guardian Angel


I thought I never am going to binge watch another show, but life happens and this is a good outlet for all things happening in life.

I’m surprised who are involved in this project, not just the actors. The writing team is supervised by Thirteen Chan and the show has Chung Shu-Kai as the producer. There is some guarantee of quality.

I honestly can’t get behind the couples (Michael Miu + Kate Tsui, and Bosco Wong + Annie Liu), but the jokes are pretty good, sometimes self-referential, e.g. it is safer for Cheung Dong to be the Third Brother (Michael Miu’s nickname). Most plot holes are small enough to ignore so far.

Will see if I can finish the binge today.



The Final Combat (Revisited)


Because, why not?

This is Stephen Chow’s rise to stardom! This is where you can see the origins of all his comedic glory, where, when given the opportunity, made this show that much richer with his comedic talent.

I feel sad that Jacqueline Law passed before I started this blog. Makes me sadder with Yammie Lam’s recent passing. Her beauty is effortless. You can see her at top of her game here.

Here is a temporary playlist of all episodes available. Depending on which region you are located, you’ll be able to watch the episodes on YouTube.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark


How did I manage not commenting about this book after I finished it?

This book is compelling enough that I finished reading it and returned it to the library on time when I borrowed it for the second time. It is a marvelous mixture of memoir and true crime. You don’t have to be into true crime to want to read this. It fits my writing teacher’s criteria of good writing: A peek into author’s reality.

It gives me goosebumps that the first time I got the book in my hands, it was the same day GSK was caught.

Verdict: Highly recommended.


Condor Heroes


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.33.47 PM

I am really sad with the passing of Louis Cha (Jin Yong). I credit him for my continuing education of the Chinese language. I devoured his novels, and watched almost every remake of TV series and movies based on his novels.

My instincts led me to looking around on YouTube for different versions of the Legend or Condor Heroes (射雕英雄傳). I agree with Low Jun’s take on the 2017 version: Moving every word onto the screen is a good basic setup, but having some personality in the screen play is also important. As much as I like the 2017 version where every word of the book is put on screen, my favorite version is 2004 version starring Athena Chu and Julien Cheung, pictured above. There is something moving regarding that particular scene, where Wang Rong was moved to tears when Guo Jing gave her the crushed dimsum.

Back to my binge-reading and binge-watching Louis Cha novels…


God Friended Me


Once in a while, I try to catch an episode from a new show.

I may be getting too old for watching new shows. Looked too closely to all the computer-related references. I can go on for days on why when Rajesh said he will refactor the software, he broke the software, and he fixed it up to the point of working, I screamed impossible at the TV.

Word of advice: Turn off your brain. Don’t look too close.


Mr. & Mrs. Incredible


This is probably one of the most underrated movies I’ve seen. I also cannot believe on this blog’s fifth year anniversary, I never talked about Sandra Ng or Louis Koo.

To be honest, like most people, I associate the writer Vincent Kok as not usually a serious contender. Remember, he’s this guy in God of Cookery:

Liberty Times Net

I re-watched Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. Louis Koo and Sandra Ng are very convincing as a couple, with all the day-to-day couple problems that are believable. Of course, I’m sure The Silver Spleen already said it on his YouTube channel.

To be honest, I really wish Louis Koo’s range in SPL 3 is more like when he played Mr. Incredible, but oh well…



ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 25 21.02

ScreenHunter_22 Mar. 25 21.03
I really enjoy that Instinct is made in New York, and the leads are not romantically involved. I find the premise refreshing even though on the surface, it looks like another police or legal procedure show. Can’t wait for new episodes.