Master’s Sun, Part 7 and Half-time check-in

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As mentioned on my about page, I have no plans for recaps within foreseeable future. For recaps, please check Dramabeans.  Deeno and Raine are also doing tag-team recap on their sites, where odd episodes are published on Deeno’s site and even episodes are published on Raine’s site.

As much as Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub want to advertise that this show is all about the touching AKA skinship, I’m thinking about how TaeYang and JuGun not making physical contact and its impact on the storyline. A lot of times, how close two people are had little or nothing to do with how close they are together physically. It is more about the distance between two hearts: Think long distance relationships that worked and a couple about to get a divorce but still sleeping in the same bed.

This brings out the irony of how when TaeYang is touching  JuGun,  JuGun is pushing TaeYang away for different reasons. TaeYang is crazy. TaeYang is annoying. TaeYang hurt JuGun’s feelings when she said she’d rather bother JuGun with ghastly matters than to bother KangCandy, since Mr. Macho-ly Perfect is actually afraid of ghosts. When TaeYang is away, JuGun tries to pull her back to himself. He calls her on the phone to cure his insomnia. The moment when they are at odds as to how to handle the suicidal AWOL soldier, JuGun calls out to TaeYang to come back when she’s about to walk into a line of gunfire.

The relationship between TaeYang and JuGun is not a romance yet at end of Episode 8, but even on a level of being friends, the theory of distance between two hearts are one in the same between romance and friendship. Of course, TaeYang being on a lower social status than JuGun, he would never admit that they are friends, but as two people that are merely using one another to achieve their individual agenda: TaeYang is seeing a ghost-proof shelter in JuGun, while JuGun wants to find Hee Joo using TaeYang’s ability. This use-use agenda-based relationship is slowly and steadily progressing into a reluctant friendship, where JuGun is helping TaeYang while he was mumbling endless complaints, and TaeYang at moments when she’s not fighting off ghosts, cared about JuGun’s health and feelings. The whole dynamic where TaeYang instinctively wants to talk to JuGun about her ghastly problems, to JuGun instinctively wanting to touch TaeYang to help her fend off ghosts has become their second nature within each of them.

We, the audience, all know where their relationship is going, we are anticipating, eager to find out when and how JuGun and TaeYang ended up together. Of course, there’d be hell to pay if Hong Sisters pull another ‘Big’ move on this show. I would stop watching anything written by this writing team if that happens.


Master’s Sun, Part 6

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I really like the parts where Ju instinctively touches Tae when he thinks that she’s seeing ghosts. And the chemistry of hotness is leveling up!

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

You’ll see me breaking my own rules a lot. Well, it’s not really a rule. I never watch shows on cable because I never had cable. Yup, no cable.

The whole “no cable” high-and-mighty horse is not much of an excuse anymore thanks to sites like Netflix, Hulu, even iTunes Podcasts. I catch up with news the not-so-unusual way like via The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Now I’ve open my TV meth door, all puns intended, with Breaking Bad.

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So Ji Sub in his Hip Hop do!

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I kid you not. The series is named TV Movie: Love Story (TV영화: 러브스토리). The show ran Wednesdays and Thursdays from December 1st, 1999 to January 27th, 2000. It is 16 episodes, but consisted of 8 stories that lasted 2 episodes each. This series feature Who’s Who in Korean Drama and Movies! This is the TV series where rumor has it that Song Seung Heon and Choi Ji Woo supposedly started their secret romance.

In the sixth story titled “Miss Hip Hop and Mr. Rock,” So Ji Sub plays 2nd male lead. Check out his hair!  Also featuring lovely Bae Doo Na and unforgettable Shin Sung Woo as the leads.

Please excuse quality of the screenshots for that’s the highest res I can get my hands on. Please also excuse the embedded Chinese subs as it was recorded on screen. Enjoy!

CBG Moment: Dyslexia vs. Asfedia

Disclaimer: CBG (Comic Book Guy) moments are not meant to be taken seriously. It is my non-scientific claim of certain details in a drama that are commonly misunderstood by viewers, based on a few careless lookups on Wikipedia.

In Master’s Sun, whenever Ju Jung Won tries to read, the text moves on paper in front of his eyes. Difficulty in reading = Dyslexia. Simple, right?

The thing is, dyslexia is the lack of processing power in one’s brain when reading words.  Words don’t move on paper in general for people suffering from dyslexia, it’s more likely that letters are in mirrored orientation, or letters are disorganized, but no mention of moving letters on paper.

The other disorder, Asfedia, or Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, is a better fit for Ju’s symptoms. The difficulty is caused by black letters printed on white paper, making the reading surface reflective 99.9% of the time.  People sensitive to the light reflection on paper would sense the letters moving on paper, making reading difficult.

In the end, the underlying syndrome Ju was suffering was PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) caused by the kidnapping and accidental death of girlfriend. The Asfedia is just there to show the audience that Ju’s scars may be old, but are not healing and still too fresh in his mind.

See? Comic Book Guy moment 🙂

Master’s Sun, Part 5

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Is it okay to say I can watch these two all day? I don’t want to undercut So Ji Sub, but Gong Hyo Jin has been successful in several dramas where I just want to watch her interact with her romantic interests all day: Lee Sun Kyung in Pasta, Cha Seung Won and Yoon Kye Sang in Best Love, Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, and heck, even Jang Hyuk in Thank You. IMO, the only other actress that can give Jang Hyuk a soft side is Lee Da Hae.

Some of these scenes are zippy and goes by so quickly. My favorite scene in this episode (Episode 6) happens when Tae Yang pulls away her hand from Ju Gun and runs back to help the Ghost Dog. So bummed I couldn’t take good screenshots of that.

Last shot where Ju Gun moves in on Tae Yang, RAWR! I’m just dying of curiosity. Is Ju Gun’s Asfedia gone whenever he touches Tae Yang?