The Suspicious Housekeeper

The Suspicious Housekeeper

I don’t usually watch a drama because it has pretty people in it, but rather the pretty ones happened to be in it. Honestly, I think of Choi Ji-woo more of a star than an actor. She’s very charismatic, but she rarely nails her roles.

That said, Choi Ji-woo performs surprising well in The Suspicious Housekeeper. I think being robotic and cold suits her quite well. Since Park Bok-nyeo is a character that would slowly develop, I think Choi Ji-woo would handle the role well.

I’ll keep watching the show, not quite sure I’d post that often about it.


Master’s Sun, Part 14

So neither SBS nor the production company has confirmed nor denied that episode 17 is either a special or an actual episode with real writing. Yeah, please keep the mystery to keep us taunted and want to keep watching. *Stupid tactic*

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 2.19.41 PM 1

The prediction I did just for fun just became true. 😦 HeeJoo has been imposing as Hanna for the last fifteen years. My best guess is given how materialist Auntie Joo and Daddy Joo are, I’d not be surprised that either of the elders had the conversation on “you’re not rich, therefore you cannot marry Joong Won” kind of BS started all of this. But hey, we need something to instigate the story as a whole, so I’m not going to have my CBG moment here.

It’s really sad to no end on how Secretary Kim and JuGun’s relationship end on such a note. Most love and friendship are conditional, but love and friendship based on atonement is the saddest of them all 😦

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I really smell a spinoff: How TaeYang haunted Yoo JinWoo for three years, and how she’s his muse for three years to have him generate his best work as a photographer. Please, please, please have a spinoff! I don’t know Lee Chun Hee as an actor and I already liked him within a few scenes he’s in this show.

I understand the chances of bringing the original actors back for a spinoff. I’ve read interviews on how Gong Hyo Jin is gun-shy about doing another Rom Com. Even if you can’t bring the same actors back, the story of how a ghost haunted a person for three years, turning him into the best photographer, then turn out that she’s only comatose is a compelling enough story for me. Hong Sisters, make it happen!

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I think this 꺼져 sounded most painful for the entire show. What a painful send-off. This is why I don’t watch melos, especially with So Ji-sub in it. I’d been blind long ago with all the crying.

Master’s Sun, Part 13

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Whew! I think things are on its way back to normal, depending on what “normal” really means.

I was reading Episode 14’s live recap on soompi by softycandence, and she had a really interesting theory about HeeJoo and Hanna: Hanna is the one that is dead, and HeeJoo the living one has been imposing as Hanna for the last 15 years.

That theory actually explains a lot of things. HeeJoo was abandoned while Hanna is adopted, that follows HeeJoo’s cynicism towards the world, then the kidnapping along with ransom. To make this more sickening, let’s do that whole Jekyll & Hyde gig: When JuGun was spoken to coldly, e.g. in the library and the beginning of kidnapping, it was the real HeeJoo; for the sweet moments like when JuGun was pushing the girl on the swing, it was the real Hanna. Since it was established the twins have been in on the kidnapping together, the two girls might as well “date” JuGun at the same time.

This is not farfetched in the Master’s Sun land of ghosts. The late Giant CEO spoke in riddles before it was revealed he was a cross dresser. JuGun’s dead first love may be just Hanna pretending to be HeeJoo and protecting her sister till the very end.

Oooh, I really like the idea of the guy who can also see ghosts, and is somehow connected to TaeYang. There’s a chance I like him better than Mr. Awesome Giant CEO Lee Jong Hyuk to compete for TaeYang’s affection. We’ll see about that.

Three more episodes to go. Show, don’t disappoint me.

Blind Detective

Blind Detective

To appreciate how awesome this dynamic duo is, you have to watch this: Needing You... This:

Love on a diet

And this:

Yesterday once more

The three previous movies are awesome, but…as much as I’ve been in love with Andy Lau since I was 5, I didn’t think of him as a serious actor until Infernal Affairs. Having said that, I think Blind Detective is the more polished film of the four for the Lau, Cheng and To (director) trio. I have no doubts with Sammi Cheng as an actress, it has something to do with she works well with most directors, but performs especially well with director Johnnie To. Andy has played a blind person many times in many films, but none like this one. He really surprises me this time as the titled blinded detective. He spent time doing his homework to get the little details of how a visually impaired person would live for this film. The moment that really hits me was when Johnston decided to touch Ka Tung’s face to see how she looks.

This movie also features many acting greats taking on different roles of psychotic serial killers. The two actors to watch, though, are Bonnie Wong, who played Minnie’s psychotic grandma, and Phillip Keung, the crazy serial killers with all the missing girls on his rap sheet.

Master’s Sun, Part 12

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.16.48 PM

I have to admit, I dislike certain portions of this episode, but some elements have to fall in line to cause certain events to set in motion for this episode.

I never understand the logic of family members such as Auntie where she thinks she can prevent JuGun to see TaeYang. I understand her emotions of wanting to protect her nephew from getting hurt, but her logic of only TaeYang is the one hurting JuGun and only preventing TaeYang from seeing JuGun would protect him is not something logical. So Hanna has special privileges because she appears to be rich? Then this is just Auntie’s lame excuse to get rid of a woman of a lowly social status.

While I’m not a big fan of over-the-top angst, I am a big fan of fate overcoming that angst. I like the moment when JuGun has no control of his feet and walked towards TaeYang’s office like he’s on auto pilot. Many K-Dramas have done this before: You can lose the memories, but you’re never going to lose your instinct. Love is not about memories, it’s about the sub-conscience, one layer below logic and memory. It’s like a puppy knows where to find the mom’s teats to feed, eyesight not required. These are the you-just-know moments.

I also appreciate that JuGun may have lost some of his memories, but lost none of his cold calculating personality. I found a lot of times I’m frustrated of how amnesia in a drama is done. Writers use that as a lame excuse of making the amnesia victim stupid too, and that’s not fair to the character or the audience. Fortunately this problem has not happened in this show yet.

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The other thing that really bothers me now is how Hanna and Hee Joo is related to Secretary Kim. Kim is the benevolent matchmaker of this show. Having him also indirectly responsible for the relationship strain and JuGun’s PTSD? I won’t allow my brain to go there…

Meanwhile, just look at the pretty slideshow. I’m never tired of the chemistry and skinship between the two leads, even when JuGun is in amnesia mode. I really look forward to Episode 14, and I hope the amnesia arc of this story does not last long. There are signs that Hanna may not get stuck on JuGun, but if JuGun is resuming his slimy ways, maybe another fake engagement is under way.

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My Anti-Extension Religion

Re: SBS offers Master’s Sun extension

I remember the days when my teacher asks me to write a paper, with the minimum number of words or pages that needs to be filled. I remember sometimes I’d make the paper with wider margins, padded the sentences with unnecessary words to fulfill the requirement.

The problem with drama extensions is just like that. The screenwriters are originally allotted a certain amount of time to tell a story, e.g. 16 episodes, then suddenly there’s a two episode extension. Usually the question comes down to, “Are there sufficient writing material for 18 or 20 episodes?”

The solution, supposedly, is the pad the story so the drama will make it to the number of extended episodes. However, the solution usually leads to more problems. What kind of padding material? If it’s just fluff or telling other stories for the sake of just telling other stories, it waters down the quality of the drama.

The other solution is to slow down the pace of the story and stretch it, like adding more words to a sentence. But that’s also a problem. Viewers are attracted to the momentum the drama originally built, and may not be patient enough to wait for the story to develop in a slower pace.

Extension usually means more money is someone’s pocket, it is easier for the production team to say yes than to say no. The trick is to find enough material that can still make the story have good momentum without watering down the quality of the show. This is something that only very few 16- or 20-episodes shows can do.

IMHO, I think The Master’s Sun is one of those shows that has some flexibility withthe storyline, so on the writing side, extension would not be as problematic, as to say, Protect the Boss. I’m still on board with the concept of ghost of the episode, so a few more formidable spirits should not hurt the pace of the story.

Shake that beer

What I’d really, really like to see, is to have Lee Jong-hyuk as Giant’s CEO come back to compete with JuGun for TaeYang’s love and as business rivals. For fun, I like them to devolve into 9-year-old boys in a recess fight for lunch money and the girl. Lee Jong-hyuk told us he can do that back in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and we have evidence So Ji-sub as JuGun is already doing that while shaking KangWoo’s beers and throw them back in the fridge.

I’m least interested in having Auntie Joo to step in and make this drama all makjang, like trying to make TaeYang go away, or have Uncle VP in this long conspiracy fit to take over Kingdom while JuGun is in a coma. There are already plenty of angst in this drama. We have yet to establish Hanna’s (HeeJoo’s twin) true intentions, her motive to steal the diamond necklace in the first place, and whether she and HeeJoo are related to the JuGun’s family in other ways besides JuGun’s initial involvement with HeeJoo. I think there’s plenty of material on that front, so detours into cliche land is something I’d not like to see.

Crossing my fingers on the extension thing. I really hate shaken beer or soda. 😛

Master’s Sun, Part 11 AKA WTF cliffhanger

Wow. Just wow. This is as alluring as ‘Who shot J.R.?’ in Dallas. Hong Sisters has managed to keep me on the tip of my toes and want to watch episode 13 next Wednesday.

My initial reaction is WTF?! But hey, we had a coma spirit before, so I have high hopes that this is just JuGun’s out of body experience, or TaeYang’s dream sequence. Like I say, there are Dallas vibes going on.

Waiting eagerly until next Wednesday…

Cain and Abel


Let’s make sense of this story.

So there are these two best friends, who are both doctors. And their wives are also doctors. Jong Min (Seon Woo’s father) convinced Cho In’s parents to make up for their honeymoon since they’ve spent all their time and energy to develop a hospital that is out to help people regardless of how much money they have.

Meanwhile Hye Joo (Seon Woo’s mother) is suspicious of her husband. Jong Min used to date Cho In’s mother and competed with Cho In’s father to get the girl. We know how that ended, but there’s no convincing Hye Joo that Jong Min is not cheating on her, and Cho In is the by-product from the infidelity. The rage and jealousy consumed Hye Joo to the extent that she made sure an accident would happen to Cho In’s parents and kill them both, along with Cho In, still developing in his mother’s womb at 33 weeks.

Jong Min being one of the most talented neurosurgeon can only save Cho In and helplessly watch Cho In’s parents die in agony and pain. A baby delivered at 33 weeks is in an incubator, and in desperate need for parents to love him like he’s their own. Jong Min being the best friend wallowing in guilt, took the responsibility to be Cho In’s father.

Hye Joo, still believing Cho In is Jong Min’s son with another woman, understandably hates Cho In. Jong Min overcompensates by making Cho In his favorite child, leaving Seon Woo out in the cold for as long as Seon Woo can remember. Seon Woo tries to hopefully gain his father’s love by being nice and brotherly to Cho In.

So you got this part of the story? Good. Now I can start with what I think went wrong with the show.


Mom hates Cho In, check. Cho In got the girl Seo Yeon instead of Seon Woo did, check. Seon Woo therefore hates Cho In enough and tries to kill him, check. Assassins hired, check.

Assassins shot Cho In in the head and left him in the desert for dead, check. Cho In dead, no. At this point, I’m having my Family Guy cutaway gag moment here. I know assassins are not doctors, but shouldn’t they be well trained enough to at least check for the lack of a pulse?


The incompetent assassins got hired again by Seon Woo later on to kill Director Oh, who hired them in the first place. Guess what? Director Oh ran away! Seriously!


I honestly believe that there is enough makjang material to work with based on the premise, so to have Mom and Seon Woo screaming like lunatics is not really my taste. I think Shin Hyun Jun and Kim Hae Suk are excellent enough actors to express repressed anger without going over the top. I blame the director on this one. At the end, I just tuned in for cuteness between Cho In and Young Ji. OMG, how cozy and comfortable can these two get with Young Ji still feeling flustered with all the skinship? *Hot* *Faint*

At the end, I just want you to look at the pretty pictures I found and ignore my rant.

Master’s Sun, Part 10

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O.M.G. How much more can I love these two? I still have my reservations on the writers, being bitten pretty bad by ‘Big’ and all, but I think this is the most evenly paced and thoroughly thought-out drama I’ve seen from Hong Sisters so far.

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I like them so much I made two slideshows today 😛 No, I just want to reserve the second slide show for the uber-hot kiss scenes. KISS-orcism 2.0 baby!

I also liked Lee Jong-hyuk as Giant CEO. I’m not all that disappointed that Hyun Bin cannot make this cameo, you want an actor that can still rival So Ji-sub but not taking away too much attention from the male lead, so Lee Jong-hyuk is a great choice to play Giant’s new CEO. If any story arc needs to be extend for extension or to make the drama more evenly paced, I put both my hands up for a CEO-CEO-TaeYang love triangle! I actually hate drama extension with the heat of a thousand white hot suns. I will talk about my anti-extension religion later on.

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Push and Pull


A relationship of any kind is a dance: there’s pushing, there’s pulling, there’s falling down, there’s picking the other person back up.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 12.27.02 PM

I think it’s accurate to say Tae Gong Sil started her relationship with Ju Jung Won with a push, AKA running then touching him, fell down on the floor, because he pushed her away, then pulling JuGun’s leg. This pattern went on until Hee Joo showed up in TaeYang’s body.

The moment JuGun believes in TaeYang’s ghost-whispering abilities, the magic moment begins where their relationship clicked and worked. No, it is not necessarily the same moment where JuGun fell in love with TaeYang. There will be a lot of rationalization where JuGun tries to talk himself out of his romantic feelings, but hey, last time the guy fell in love he was in high school. With Hee Joo. As an awkward teenager.

So at first, TaeYang being useful ghost radar, JuGun would pull her in every time he needs her and push her away when he does not. TaeYang would rationalize at the same time, too, since why in the world would a rich handsome man be interested in a crazy woman like her?


Then we start to see moments like this. JuGun proactively offering his hand to her. To finish it off, she starts to say no to his hand. The evolution of Tae Gong Sil starts with a woman scared out of her wits because she had no choice.  Then, to a woman who’s offered a choice of not seeing ghosts anymore, at the crossroads, she grew courage and decided she needs to help these invisible weak beings. TaeYang got a taste of what it’s like to be safe with her safety hideout, and discovered her capability is not always a curse. Now she’s at yet another intersection. Even JuGun supposedly professed his love to her at the end of Episode 10, she still has to choose to live with him by her side, or to keep living without him, no matter how much scarier the ghost-seeing journey would be down the line.


I’m pretty torn between both ends. On one hand, I really enjoy happy endings. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend or husband that’s rich, with So Ji-sub’s good looks, and is a level-5 ghost-be-gone force field? I raise both my hands! On the other hand, I really would like to see Tae Gong Sil break out of the damsel-in-distress mold. That way, she’ll be up there with Kim Sam Soon and Go Eun-chan as one of my favorite K-Drama female leads. I know we only have 6 episodes without extension, but please drama gods, give me a kickass Tae Gong Sil!