The Thousandth Man (Intro)

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I have to admit, I started watching because of Lee Chun Hee. I was hooked by the scene where Mom was cleaning after Mi Jin because she’s shedding. Ha!

To my surprise, I liked Hyomin as Mi Mo on this show. The part where Mi Mo kind of cheated by eating 10 livers at a time was fun to watch. The show is more like a modern times survival guide for Gumiho, and it gives me joy.

Since there are only 8 episodes, I’ll probably come back with a series overview post.


My problem with Heirs

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Before you throw eggs at me, hear me out!

I don’t have the problem with the show. I have a problem of how the production company controls how the show is distributed.

Money grabbing scumbags, you just shot yourselves in your feet and killed the Internet buzz you’re seeking. Anyone who thinks that he or she can control content distribution on the Internet is delusional: Even the NSA can barely keep track, let alone control the Internet. If you think making people pay is going to fend off pirating, you just gave away more reasons for bootleg copies. If you think you’re going to make more money by asking people to pay premium for HD content, you just killed the potential larger audience in the first shot.

Congratulations, you just made me scratch ‘Heirs’ off my list of shows to watch while it’s aired on TV. I’ll catch the show later. Much later.

The Original Bromance

There are many English translations for this Jin Yong title. The Chinese name is 鹿鼎記, which should translate to The Deer and the Cauldron, but the more popular translation turned out to be The Royal Tramp, starring Stephen Chow.

I’ve been on K-Drama forums and viewers have been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over TV bromances. You have not seen the original bromance, baby!

Duke of Mount Deer
The Duke of Mount Deer, 1984, starring Andy Lau and Tony Chiu-Wai Leung. Classic!

This is the original bromance according to yours truly. I am a diehard fan of Jin Yong, have read most if not all of his works. My favorite writing of his depends on my age. As I got older, I found myself liking Jin’s later works, The Deer and the Cauldron and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer more than others. Anyway I digress.

I claim that K-Drama bromances got nothing on this one. Kang Xi and Xiao Bao known each other as teenagers, when Xiao Bao was about 12-13 and Kang Xi should be 14-15 at the beginning of the story. They went onto many adventures, starting from slaining Ao Bai, to putting Wu Sangui in his place, to the dealbreaker where Kang Xi asked Xiao Bao to destroy Heaven and Earth Society. These two non-blood brothers have gone through thick and thin, but it was Xiao Bao’s dedication to friendship that torn them apart. In any adaptation of this novel, you will see growth of these two men, how they slowly grew apart and finally on different sides of the conflict. If you are a fan of bromances, this story is the one to watch.

On that note, I like every adaptation of The Deer and the Cauldron, including in hindsight, the 1998 version starring Jordan Chan. If you don’t know me by now, I am nostalgic and like to take the road less traveled: I’m going with the 1984 version starring now famous-across-Asia actors Andy Lau and Tony Chiu Wai Leung, not to be confused with Tony Ka Fai Leung.

YouTube user tomoyo262 made an excellent slide show for the theme sung by Leslie Cheung (RIP), so I’m going to embedded the YouTube video instead.

Master’s Sun, Part 16

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Damn it, now I have to marathon the show this weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.45.59 PM

I like the ending all in all. Sweet and all wrapped up in neat packages. Everybody is getting some lovin’, happy endings all around.

The show may have ended, but I still have a few things to say about it. I have to gather my thoughts, though. Hong Sisters have drawn references to Arashi no Yoru ni, and that in itself may span several posts or just one with a few subsections, but I haven’t figure out a format just yet. I have also ignored all the other characters in the show and just focused on our OTP most days, so I’m also thinking about posts dedicated to that. Decisions, decisions…

Master’s Sun, Part 15

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I’m just going with the eye sex scene, because it is, well, sexy.

I like the cute but why isn’t TaeYang and JuGun kissing? Are we working on a reverse curve where these two touches less and less, turning into an old couple before they turned old? Even TaeYang’s unni is getting some action! Com’on!

The one-episode extension didn’t exactly kill the momentum, I know the writers are trying their best not to make this episode feeling padded, but I can’t help feeling the padding. Ugh. Padding. If you are to pad, at least make new hottie Lee Chun Hee mud-wrestle with JuGun. That’d be hot. Or bring Lee Jong-hyuk back as Giant CEO to do some really childish things.

Drama gods, please make tomorrow’s finale incredibly amazing.