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Reply 1994: The Conclusion

Reply 1994Wow, I’m going to miss this show. In a different way from missing Master’s Sun, but none the less…

AM1994_01I have commented on Twitter and in some ways on this blog how we the audience has been jerked around by the writer(s), swinging back and forth between Sseureki and Chilbonggie on the “Who’s the husband?” mystery, so I’ll not dwell on that matter any further.

AM1994_03The writing is one of the most well-done I’ve seen in a while. I really liked that Sseureki and Chilbonggie are being written as male co-leads in this story. Neither of them showed any signs of stepping aside and let the other guy win until the very last episode. The couple-shipping is probably the most intense I’ve ever seen around K-Drama forums for a long time. As much as I didn’t really like being jerked around as an audience, if this is the whole point of writer’s exercise, then this aspect of writing was done really, really well.

I must confess I’ve been hopping between ships, but I like to pick unusual choices. I am not surprised that Oppa is the husband at the end. NaJung always has her eyes on him. While it makes Chilbong’s one-side love look really sad, it also makes him likable to the audience. Just look at the Chilbong-NaJung shippers.

AM1994_31I would always appreciate an ensemble cast. This one really won my heart. Who would not want to be part of this Brady Brunch like family? The family that laughs and cries together, stays together.

I really look forward to the actors on this show for other future works. Yoo Yoon Shek better has many many show offers piling up on him! I think he is ready for prime time network TV as sole male lead!

Reply 1994: the Eleventh Hour


I have two things to say at this Eleventh Hour.

For one thing, the writers did a great job for the one episode extension. Usually extensions either slows the story down to a grinding halt, or a really stupidly makjung storyline would come out of nowhere to pad the extended episodes, which makes me angry. I think the writer handled the extension well in that aspect.

My frustration toward this show is pretty much aligned with girlfriday‘s opinions expressed on DramaBeans. I agree that the writer stuck with the show’s premise a little too strictly – the mystery of who’s the husband. I understand that this is the story Lee Woo-jung, the writer, originally wanted to work on.

The problem is, the story has been done once in Reply 1997. While the network can still count on a new audience to feel awed by the show, this leaves the fans of Reply 1997 high and dry.

It is not like there’s nothing else to work on except the mystery of “Who’s the husband?” The show has plenty of moments where it works like a sit-com, filled with references of the 90’s and 00’s. The mystery can still be part of the show, just not as prominent and should not be the only obsession of the show. The mystery put everything else on the back burner.


Honestly I can really spend 20 episodes with the ensemble on a journey through 1994-2002. Imagine, a sit-com version? Wishful thinking…

You Who Came From the Stars


Okay, I am on the K-Drama bandwagon sometimes. We are talking about Gianna Jun’s comeback to the small screen after 14 years. The preview of The Thieves where we see how sizzling hot she can be with Kim Soo Hyun is just the icing on the cake.

I was worried for Gianna Jun for a minute or two in the first episode. My Sassy Girlfriend made her famous, so any role that makes her look short tempered and headstrong is in that dangerous, same old same old territory. In this show so far, she is like the female version of Dokko Jin or Kang Hyun-min, which is fine with me! I may get sick and tired of the self-absorbed celebrity characters some day, but right now I’m still entertained by the not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-bag act.

I liked Cheon Song Yi’s eccentricity and her blonde moments. She is intelligent, if she puts her heart into what she wants to know, but I think her dim-headed moments is based on how she doesn’t care enough to know her surroundings. That premise has a lot of room to grow, at the writers’ mercy. Song Yi just need to have the moment hitting her hard enough to smarten up. In her conversation with her money grabbing mother, she knows money is power and knows that she’s popular because she is good looking. I think I got a peek of light that says she knows her good looks will not last forever.

Yoo In Na’s Yoo Se Mi has so much meta regarding her as an actress I sometimes find it unfunny. I really like her in Queen In Hyun’s Man, and I’d like to see her in a lead role again. Being the second female lead in such a high profile drama is not a bad idea for now. Will see what this story has for Yoo to get her acting chops on.


Do Min Joon, but the show’s requirements, has to be cool-headed alien. So far all the skinship between MJ and SY are hot and awesome. I’ll keep watching as long as the older brother killing spree does not get too makjang.

The Final Combat 蓋世豪俠


It is so hard to imagine how a show with such serious Chinese and English titles is the beginning of Stephen Chow’s long journey to his unique style of comedy. This show’s got all the big guns: Stephen Chow, Jacqueline Law, Yammie Lam, Francis Ng, Ng Man Tat…just to name a few.

This is also the time where Stephen Chow met his long time director Lee Lik Chi, with follow up movies such as the Flirting Scholar, Love on Delivery, From Beijing with Love, God of Cookery, The Lucky Guy and Sholin Soccer.

The lines in this TV show is classic, the beginning of Stephen Chow brand comedy:

不如我地坐低飲啖茶,食個包,然後慢慢傾呢?How about we sit down and talk over tea and a bite to eat?

It does not look like much, but with the correct context, or the lack of, will make you roll on the floor and laugh out loud.

The theme song is also loads of awesome with under-the-radar singer David Lui, and lyrics that still speaks volumes by Poon Wai Yuen.

Reply 1994: Theories that didn’t happen

Reply 1994

The following is just some things I’d like to see in Reply 1994.

  1. 쓰레기 Sseureki and 빙그레 Binggeure as a gay couple. I have no problem with Oppa-ya marrying Na Jung. I think it’s more groundbreaking on the TV front to have a male lead ended up being gay. In Reply 1997, second lead male Joon-hee, a gay character, ended up with mystery man in red race car. Show, you should not hold back this time on exploring homosexuality as a norm.
    It was a real let down that Biggeure is not gay. That storyline was great while it lasted.
  2. Na Jung ended up marrying 해태 Hae Tae. Seriously, why stop at male lead ended up gay? We still have a few more episodes to develop Hae Tae to be a worthwhile second lead, even though he’s now a sleazy sex maniac according to Yoon Jin.
    Hae Tae is not a sleaze bag? Wow!
  3. We should not be ashamed that Chilbonggi ended up being a PLAYA!  Chilbong! It’s time to channel Derek Jeter!
    I am officially joining the Chilbong-Najung ship! This guy worked way too hard not to end up getting NaJung. I will throw my monitor out of my window if Oppa-ya gets NaJung!

Chilbong! Chilbong! Chilbong…

Thrice Married Woman (Fast Forward Edition)

I claim that everybody does this once in their lives: Fast forward to the parts of the drama they like, skipping the parts they don’t. I was doing this to my VCR so much; I wish I could do that to my TV. Just bear with me, I’m still talking about the days before streaming and on demand video.

So. About Thrice-Married Woman. I honestly cannot watch the part about Lee Ji Ah, her husband and her ex-husband. I’m just not into the whole child custody tug-of-war setup.

Then there’s the of Eom Ji Won’s storyline. A vet who’s a womanizer? Check. A pet toy designer in love with a vet? Check. A crazy friend left at the altar by the vet? Check. The hijinks are unbelievable at times, but the comic relief from all the family tug-of-war is a breath of fresh air.

3xwoman_02 3xwoman_03 3xwoman_06

I really love the part where the crazy friend and the womanizing vet are still friends within a week the wedding is botched. The bickering is absolutely fun to watch. There’s some unexplainable magic with three characters in a room. See “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry”.

It’s too bad there may not be much to watch after all the fast forwarding. I’m going to savor every moment.

The White Dragon

小白龍情海翻波 The White Dragon

From Wikipedia: An Achilles’ heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall.

Everybody has an Achilles’ heel. If you think there isn’t one for you, you just haven’t found it. That’s the translation I get for 死穴 when I typed it in Google Translate. I wanted to describe 死穴 as weakness, but that really is not strong enough of a translation. It really means a pressure point on the human body that can kill someone when it is attacked.

White Dragon’s (Cecilia Cheung) weakness is being in love with the Second Prince (Andy On). Chicken Feathers (Francis Ng) is a hired assassin out to kill the Second Prince. Hence, White Dragon was set out trying to find Chicken Feathers’ weakness and take him out.

So a good portion of the movie involves White Dragon trying to figure out how to take out Chicken Feathers. She tried. And tried. Then this happened while she tried to stab him in the back:

White Dragon kissMeanwhile, Chicken Feathers has all these “Aw…” moments in the movie. Man tou (饅頭) is too hard? I’ll buy you softer ones. You just don’t like Man tou? I’ll make you Xiao Lung Bao (小籠包). What do I want to see if I ever get my eyesight back? I want to look at you.

There was nothing wrong with White Dragon’s original intention to marry the Second Prince. Her wish represents a simpler time, that was every little girl’s dream. The progression of her moving towards Chicken Feathers represented her growing up, looking past Chicken Feathers’ blindness and learned to love him for who he is.

We also finally learned what really is Chicken Feathers’ Achilles Heel near the end of the film:

White Dragon: Didn’t I take away your powers? How come…
Chicken Feathers: I don’t have a weakness.
White Dragon: No weaknesses?
Chicken Feathers: Knowing (Loving) you is my weakness.

The movie is under the category of romantic comedy. I loved the romance between White Dragon and Chicken Feathers. The comedy really sucked. Yes, it sucked! The movie only got a cheap laugh out of me during the groin kicking part. The word puns were thrown together at random, for example, Chicken Feathers is a long shot word pun for Salvatore Ferragamo. Cecilia Cheung and Andy On did not convince me with the budding romance between the Second Prince and White Dragon’s pagan identity Black Phoenix. Thank goodness Francis Ng stepped in and made the romance between Chicken Feathers and White Dragon convincing. My guess is, this is one of the films Francis was talking about in one of his interviews, where he stated he may have received poorly written scripts, but never any poorly written characters.

My advice: Just fast forward the comedy that tried too hard, and go straight to the romance.

Reply 1994 Extended by one episode

Please refer to my post on why I’m against extensions on dramas.

This is in reference to Viki’s Reply 1994 Channel Manager salz:

[ Reply 1994 ] Hi “Reply 1994” Followers!
I have some great news for you all. Reply 1994 will be extended by one episode and will conclude with 21 episodes.
Thank you for your continued support thus far. Have a wonderful weekend!

Reply 1994

I’d rather have episode 21 as a special, unless the extension does not affect the pace of the story after rewriting is done. I tend to agree with Javabeans’s take. I am on Team Na Jung for the most part, not so much Team Oppa, Team Chilbonggi, or Team Haitai. I really dislike the idea of being jerked around for one more episode.