Buddha’s Palms

credit: http://www.tpwang.net

Yeah, we’re getting to the weird territory of me watching really old movies.

Buddha’s Palms was made in 1960. The special effects are overlapped and exposed with the film, frame by frame. As cheesy as the movie looks in 2013, it is the most awesome special effects Hong Kong movie at the time. The amount of innovation and unlimited imagination can be seen on every frame of this film.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch it on johnmatthewtsang‘s playlist on YouTube.


It Runs in the Family



Sean Lau and Stephen Chow, the one and only time they are co-starred, ever. This is also the last TV show Stephen was in before he moved onto movies.

This is a tale of two long-lost brothers, played by Sean and Stephen, and how they reunited. The lines are witty, and many of the classic Stephen Chow comedy can be found. Sean Lau playing the straight man? Priceless.