Checking In

I really want to be happy-go-lucky and just write about TV dramas, and occasionally be nostalgic, talk about old TV and old movies.

I am really distracted by what is going on in Hong Kong right now. There is a long series of events that make me unable to help myself, not to look away from dramas and movies, and look at what is going on.

It’s from HKTV denied a license to operate, to a long and ongoing battle of invasion of Simplified Writing system and Mandarin curriculum in Hong Kong that has great potential in destroying the Cantonese language and Traditional Writing System, to Winter Olympics PR snafu, to the unexplained termination of a political commentator at CRHK.

There is just so much going on in Hong Kong right now, it is at times more interesting and for a lack of better term, more entertaining than TV dramas or movies at this time. I have no plans of making this into a political platform, which is why I’m only including links as references, rather than going into details.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in my happy-go-lucky mode and write about absolutely nothing. I am still active on my Twitter, so I may do some live tweeting while I watch TV. Hope to be back soon.


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