The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra

TVB made a dick move (yes, a dick move) and broadcasted the 2011 version of Journey to the West, when the company made their own classic versions in 1996 with Dicky Cheung and in 1998 again with Benny Chan. There’s a boycott from the Internet and refusal to watch this less than classic version. Not that there’s a lot of people watching TVB at this point.

My choice version of Journey to the West would be the 2001 version, The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra. This is after Dicky Cheung left TVB and joined this Taiwan-Hong Kong production. This version is a roster of the best production team, featuring the most female cast members despite the story being male oriented most of the time. Don’t expect this version to follow the original novel, but this is one of the best screenwriting adaptation I’ve seen. The casting is also one of the best I’ve seen. Go watch it, you won’t be disappointed.


Recent Venture

I rarely discuss my personal life on this blog, since it has little impact on how often or infrequent I post.

This time is a little different: I’m changing jobs. I have no clue on how that would affect my frequency of posting or tweeting just yet. I have been disciplined enough to write blog entries during off hours. The new venture might affect the amount of off hours I’ll have.

At any rate, I’ll keep you posted.



I’m only up to episode 2, but I think Jaejoong is shaking off his DBSK image with all his might. He was cute in Protect the Boss, he was still cute in Dr. Jin, I think he’s trying hard to be something else in this drama. Will keep an eye out on him.

Lee Beom-soo is solid gold, so there’s no doubt that he’ll bring his A-game in hopes that Triangle would be as successful as Giant.

I have not seen anything with Im Siwan in it, so I’ll come back and post again if I see fit.

Edit: No, I saw Im Siwan. I watched him on Moon Embraces the Sun as the older brother’s childhood character. He is very charming, up to the point that I was disappointed when the adult version came out.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Oh Yeon-soo + Lee Beom-soo? Hot!

Swipe Tap Love


This show is a follow up to Karma Rider. Raymond Wong and Priscilla Wong are back as one of the TV couple in the making, as the audience follow them to modern era, seeking the happy ending that Karma Rider lacks.

I like the show so far. As much as there are a lot of time sensitive references to emphasize what is old or what is new, there are a lot of symbolism of timing is everything and love that was not meant to be.

I also appreciate that as much as this is a romance drama, it also explores different types of love. I’ll keep watching.