The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar

When a TV show is 50 years old, and your list of nemesis is pretty short, the worse thing to do is to repeat a plot.

So what is a writer to do when it’s time to write about the oldest nemesis on the book without repeating anything? Continue reading “The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar”


TV Dramas

A stream of previous posts begs the question: GD, what happened to all the K and HK Dramas?

I still watch them once in a while, but not as frequently due to the new working schedule. However I am eyeing on several good ones that would be airing later this year.

  • Answer 1988
  • Oh God

I know I know, it’s either the Answer Me franchise and So Ji-sub, but the PD and So really knows how to pick good shows to make. I’m also mildly curious of K-Drama remakes of successful Chinese TV Drama such as Scarlet Heart.

Who knows? I might do some half time check-ins or first impression posts. No commitment on episode screen-caps like I did for Master’s Sun. Anyone who’s interested in the shows I mentioned should check my Recap Heroes lists for possible full episode recaps.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers
Simon & Schuster

I am just every kid who heard of stories of American heroes: The Wright Brothers invented airplanes. Check.

What about everything in the middle? Did anyone know the Wright Brothers’ name are Orville and Wilbur? Not if you need to know this on a test. Did anyone know that their sister, Katherine, is the one of the first women who ever flew, before Amelia Earhart? No man is an island, what about other people who made the whole flight thing happen?

Before you stop reading this and say we save these things for history buffs, David McCullough is an engaging and compelling story teller. Not only that, he topped it off by reading his own book for the audio-book version, making sure that what he wrote is read as intended with all nuances and tone. You really owe it to yourself reading or listening to this book.

Book Reviews

Recently, I took on a challenge: Instead of falling asleep or doing some work related stuff during my commute, I’ll take my commute time to see how long does it take to finish an audio.

I don’t think I can honestly write a book review for everything I listened to, but I can try sharing what I’m up to with books and how the experiment is going. Watch this space for book reviews.

Doctor Who


My old boss at my old job loved Doctor Who. He loved the classic episodes which at first I didn’t catch the fever.

As a child of a certain era, I’m more used to a fast paced story. Having a 4-6 episode story arc was too slow for my taste. I left my job in good terms for a career move. Then forgot about this show for a while.

Then a friend recommend the show again. He recommend watching the reboot.

Before getting myself too invested in the show, I decided to watch a crash course first. So I watched Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide.

The ultimate guide was well done, I got curious enough to watch the 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor.

I was hooked. So hooked, I start to watch the first episode of the reboot, Rose, and the rest is history. I am looking forward to be hardcore enough one day to watch every episode from beginning to the end, from Hartnell to Capaldi.

I will write a short review of Season 9, Episode 1, soonish.

A Walk in the Woods

Nice thing about expanding my social life is I get to watch new movies in a theater.

This movie has not adrenaline rush, no octane fueled action. Just a plain story about a writer famous in my eyes, Bill Bryson, venturing out on the Appalachian Trails, and discovered a few things in life.

Mind you, the book he wrote isn’t really the movie. Bill Bryson is very good at studying something he does not know, and describe to his readers, in laymen’s terms, what he learned. On that note, I highly recommend his book A Short History to Nearly Everything.

Oh My God

Yeah, I woke up from my 8-month hibernation. Remember this movie?


I saw Dramabeans posted about Oh My God. Not sure how similar the K-Drama is to the classic Chinese romantic comedy, but the original script was fantastic with To’s dynamic duo known as Andy Lau and Sammi Cheung. Casting So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a for K-Drama version? Total win.


Yeah. Totally winning. 😀