Come Back, Ahjussi

In the software development process, a reference implementation (or, less frequently, sample implementation or model implementation) is the standard from which all other implementations and corresponding customizations are derived. An improvement to a reference implementation reflects an unchanging specification. (Wikipedia: Reference Implementation)


This show is a reference implementation of a Korean Drama. See above for definition.

A Korean Drama cross references genres defined by American drama: comedy, tragedy, documentary, etc. There is also a cross over genre called dramedy, which is also know as a comedy drama. Grey’s Anatomy is an example of a dramedy. Spoilers ahead.

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Serene was a word you could put to Brooklyn, New York.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was my first high school English book I read before I started high school. I had really bad memories of trying to understand concepts when I barely got out of 8th Grade and trying to be a grown up. I didn’t remember much of the book except the really funny parts like how a 3 year old was weaned, and a clueless father on a disastrous family outing.

Reading it as an adult was a completely different story. I didn’t realize how much I’ve grown as a person until I go back and re-read some of the books I was made to read in high school. This one takes home the trophy for a tearjerker.

Not all of us may be as poor and disadvantaged as Francie Nolan, but all of us have a little Francie within us: strength when facing adversaries, strength when our hearts were broken in two, in three, even in pieces.

The whole ride, I was rooting for Francie, scene after scene, disappointment after disappointment, heartbreak after heartbreak. At the end, she was just like that tree outside her apartment: No matter how many times it’s cut down, it will grow another, another and another. It will grow when the sun doesn’t shine or when there’s no rain. It will grow no matter how harsh the wind blows or how cold the weather gets.

I cried a few times reading the book. I cried to celebrate the youth I used to have. I cried to appreciate how far I’ve come, and how much farther I have to go.


My recent accomplishment: Finished reading a book in two weeks.

Wait, that’s an accomplishment? You bet! Given the adult life I’m living, finish reading a book in two weeks is no small task. That means having the book in my hand during commute, lunch break, before bed, etc., without creeping into my work hours. I lied, it crept into my work hours.

I will go into detail which book got me this interested, so much to invest this much time and attention, which I usually don’t have.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

This is one of my top ten favorite non fiction. 🙂

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Michael Pollan gives us the most compelling story of cooking. Yes, cooking!

Fire. Water. Air. Earth. Each of these elements are more than meets the eye. With food, they are at their peak in creating the most delicious concoctions, not only bringing people joy, but necessitate the human race’s survival.

Go read this. You owe it to yourself.