A New Toy

I got myself a new toy. I got myself at TV tuner for my computer.

Plus a screenshot app, what happens? This is the first try on my TV tuner.

Sleepless in Seattle. Classic.

Sleepless in Seattle 1
Sleepless in Seattle 2


The Taxorcist Sidequel – Chapter One

YouTube / TVB

TVB is showing signs that it is getting hints streaming content is the future if it isn’t already so.

After TVB’s best idea ever in recent history, somebody in the company is smart enough to create exclusive web content as part of The Exorcist’s Meter franchise, a sidequel. Not a sequel, this works more like Rogue One: a Star Wars Story, where none of the original characters are the focus of this new story.

The other reason why this sidequel is so fantastic:

Facebook / TVB

Has anyone ever heard of Yeung Chiu Hoi (楊潮凱), Derek Wong (黃建東), Gloria Tang Pui Yee (鄧佩儀), or Kelly Cheung Hei Man (張曦雯)? These actors have always been playing secondary or tertiary characters in sitcoms or if they are lucky, on prime time lineup. Putting the unknowns on the Internet streaming content is probably another great idea someone in management finally took upon.

TVB, keep your current management structure, put more of your unknowns on computer screens. It is to your benefit to make these people famous.

Reading Gu Long novels


I’ve been a big fan of martial arts novel as a child. I have read most of the works by Jin Yong (金庸) and Liang Yusheng (梁羽生) during my teenage years, now I’m turning around and reading the works of Gu Long (古龍). Each of these three greats has his own distinct styles, and I would like to honestly dedicate at least one post to each of the three authors at a later date.

I honestly have been having very short attention span, where almost nothing outside can hold my attention for more than five minutes. It can be the age of the Internet, but I also tend to gravitate towards the classics when I’m reading fiction. The book cover here is the novel I’m reading at the moment. With the blessing of the Internet everybody can download and read on the phone today. Consider an old habit in a modernized format.

In general, I don’t think people will ever stop reading. However, we need to nurture the next generation of the reading habit, for no matter how advanced we are as a society, knowledge transfer and nurturing our imagination still comes down to reading books. There goes my moment on the soap box. 🙂

Twice Upon A Time

YouTube / BBCAmerica

Let’s start with the obvious: This is the last episode with Peter Capaldi as a regular on Doctor Who. I would say never say never, so bringing him back for the 60th anniversary special will not be a stretch. BBC, think about it! 

Having David Bradley to play the First Doctor is in K-Dramaland called the ultimate meta: Having the actor playing the first actor who played the First Doctor to play the First Doctor. I dare you to repeat the last sentence five times faster.

I am not sure what to feel about other actors to portray other doctors again, but this keeps me thinking, maybe it’s not a stretch to have Capaldi to play the Third Doctor. Look at that hair. Alright, I’m thinking too much.

A regeneration episode is always bittersweet. It is always the moment when you finally get used to the actor who play this iconic role, and now you have to start getting used to the next one. We the audience need to be honest with ourselves. We don’t really get a Tom Baker that often. We also don’t get a David Tennant very often either. Capaldi is a sage to leave end of this season to make his tenure remarkable on the franchise. Having a new actor means the possibility of new stories, and with a new production staff now that Steven Moffet is also leaving, everything can be new again.

IMHO this is 2017, and when the next season of Doctor Who is being aired, it will be 2018. Give Jodie Whittaker a chance. At this day and age, to argue why the Doctor cannot be a woman is just old and weak coffee: Old and weak. This is the same age old argument of why women cannot be funny when we have the likes of Jane Curtain to Kate McKinnon on SNL. The age old argument of math is hard for girls when Katherine Johnson and her team ensured the landing of Apollo 11. If Whittaker turns out to be the worst Doctor in the history of the franchise, let there be proof that she has poor acting skills, the writing is terrible, etc., and not let her tenure defining women should not be playing the Doctor or anything other than playing a pretty face on the screen.

I’ll be gnawing my teeth until “Autumn 2018” over here for the next season of Doctor Who.

Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey


Did I mention I was excited about Hwayugi?

I am a fan of Dragonball, TVB’s rendition to Journey to the West, plus every Hong Kong movie and TV show ever made with the story.

My return to K Dramaland was City Hall, starring…you guessed it, Cha Seung Won!

I really enjoyed Oh Yeon Seo’s performance in Come Back, Ahjussi. I have not seen Lee Hong Gi since You’re Beautiful, another drama written by Hong Sisters. Lee Seung Gi is always a joy to watch, that goes without saying.

Merry Christmas to me!

The Exorcist’s Meter


TVB’s best idea, although doing it on the cheap, was rewarding HKD$10,000(~$USD1,280) to anyone with new ideas for screenplay. Hence the screenplay for the Exorcist’s Meter (降魔的).

Supernatural stories are nothing new, but when you add some local flavors,
i.e. Hong Kong cab driver with supernatural capabilities, you have yourself a show with lots of potential. There are award buzzes for Kenneth Ma after years of not breaking into top ranks.

Kenneth Ma? Vincent Wong? This TVB awards season should be interesting.

Legal Mavericks Season 2


I am surprised TVB and iQiYi decided Legal Mavericks should divide into two seasons. Usually TVB would produce a series 2 long after series 1 is over and got excellent feedback. A completely produced series only splits because of logic, and usually would be labeled with named parts, such as the The Legend of the Condor Heroes was split into three parts: The Iron-Blooded Loyalists, The Eastern Heretic and Western Venom, and The Duel on Mount Hua. The words “Season 2” is never used in completely produced series.

I need to go back to re-watch a few episodes because I’m more or less on iQiYi’s schedule, and the time split was a little long for me to regain my watching momentum. But, this is one of the shows in recent years where the writing is thoughtful and thorough, the actors are putting in serious effort. I am hoping TVB would be kind to this drama during awards season.

My thoughts on: Doctor Who, Season 10


This is a rewrite of the post.

I declare Season 10 of Doctor Who Revival to be the best season. I am serious. Christopher Eccleston started the revival, David Tennant brought the series to UK popularity, and Matt Smith brought the series to US audience.

Honestly, I think Seasons 8 and 9 was a little lost, as if the writers don’t know what to do with Clara. So the writers got really, really smart about Bill and her story line in the finale (no spoilers) and I really like writers’ treatment for her.

Season 10 is different from Seasons 8 and 9, and it is not just about the new companions. The writing is much tighter and the story arc is actually the entire season. You can have great actors, but the script…the script sets up everything. BBC, whomever the writers are you brought on board this season, keep them.

I’m gnawing my teeth until the Christmas Special.