Twice Upon A Time

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Let’s start with the obvious: This is the last episode with Peter Capaldi as a regular on Doctor Who. I would say never say never, so bringing him back for the 60th anniversary special will not be a stretch. BBC, think about it! 

Having David Bradley to play the First Doctor is in K-Dramaland called the ultimate meta: Having the actor playing the first actor who played the First Doctor to play the First Doctor. I dare you to repeat the last sentence five times faster.

I am not sure what to feel about other actors to portray other doctors again, but this keeps me thinking, maybe it’s not a stretch to have Capaldi to play the Third Doctor. Look at that hair. Alright, I’m thinking too much.

A regeneration episode is always bittersweet. It is always the moment when you finally get used to the actor who play this iconic role, and now you have to start getting used to the next one. We the audience need to be honest with ourselves. We don’t really get a Tom Baker that often. We also don’t get a David Tennant very often either. Capaldi is a sage to leave end of this season to make his tenure remarkable on the franchise. Having a new actor means the possibility of new stories, and with a new production staff now that Steven Moffet is also leaving, everything can be new again.

IMHO this is 2017, and when the next season of Doctor Who is being aired, it will be 2018. Give Jodie Whittaker a chance. At this day and age, to argue why the Doctor cannot be a woman is just old and weak coffee: Old and weak. This is the same age old argument of why women cannot be funny when we have the likes of Jane Curtain to Kate McKinnon on SNL. The age old argument of math is hard for girls when Katherine Johnson and her team ensured the landing of Apollo 11. If Whittaker turns out to be the worst Doctor in the history of the franchise, let there be proof that she has poor acting skills, the writing is terrible, etc., and not let her tenure defining women should not be playing the Doctor or anything other than playing a pretty face on the screen.

I’ll be gnawing my teeth until “Autumn 2018” over here for the next season of Doctor Who.


Introverted Boss

Introverted Boss

(Edit: WordPress informed me that this is the 100th post. Yay!)

Introvert comes from Latin intro-, “inward,” and vertere, “turning.” It describes a person who tends to turn inward mentally. –

In my mind, introverted is quite different from shy. One can overcome shyness, but a person cannot suddenly become an introvert or extrovert overnight. The factors of making a person an introvert and extrovert are both internal and external, with external influences magnified what’s already internal.

I’m picking apart words because the title of this show is also called My Shy Boss, but when you look at the Korean title, 내성적인 is translated from the word introverted, so while the alternative title is less challenging for people whose first language is not English, there’s a loss of flavor with that particular translation. Ok, I’m done with my take on the title.

I’ve been watching fewer Korean dramas in recent years because I’m more strapped for time with my current commitments, so I tend to choose carefully what to watch and tend to not start watching when the premise is not interesting. Honestly, Protect the Boss had a similar premise where the male lead was a beta male learning to step up to become an alpha male, but there are some differences

  • Different backstory of female lead
  • Larger ensemble with richer stories for secondary characters
  • Less likeable second male lead
  • Yeon Woo Jin is the boss this time

Yeon Woo Jin has caught my attention since Arang and the Magistrate. There is something about him that attracts my eyes. He definitely hit the ball out of the park with his introvert interpretation of the boss. I look forward to having him as one of the A-list Korean actors along the lines of Gong Yoo.

I hope I have time to update this when I’m done watching this drama.

Update: I wish to join the rest of K Drama community and say, Le sigh. This drama has so much promise, especially the premise of an introvert coming out of his shell. There were wonderful signs of that, but there are so many good plot devices going to waste, the writers and editing board decided to rearrange a few things, which really killed the show’s mojo. We can only wonder what happened before the fateful rewrite.


My recent accomplishment: Finished reading a book in two weeks.

Wait, that’s an accomplishment? You bet! Given the adult life I’m living, finish reading a book in two weeks is no small task. That means having the book in my hand during commute, lunch break, before bed, etc., without creeping into my work hours. I lied, it crept into my work hours.

I will go into detail which book got me this interested, so much to invest this much time and attention, which I usually don’t have.

Book Reviews

Recently, I took on a challenge: Instead of falling asleep or doing some work related stuff during my commute, I’ll take my commute time to see how long does it take to finish an audio.

I don’t think I can honestly write a book review for everything I listened to, but I can try sharing what I’m up to with books and how the experiment is going. Watch this space for book reviews.

Checking In

I really want to be happy-go-lucky and just write about TV dramas, and occasionally be nostalgic, talk about old TV and old movies.

I am really distracted by what is going on in Hong Kong right now. There is a long series of events that make me unable to help myself, not to look away from dramas and movies, and look at what is going on.

It’s from HKTV denied a license to operate, to a long and ongoing battle of invasion of Simplified Writing system and Mandarin curriculum in Hong Kong that has great potential in destroying the Cantonese language and Traditional Writing System, to Winter Olympics PR snafu, to the unexplained termination of a political commentator at CRHK.

There is just so much going on in Hong Kong right now, it is at times more interesting and for a lack of better term, more entertaining than TV dramas or movies at this time. I have no plans of making this into a political platform, which is why I’m only including links as references, rather than going into details.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in my happy-go-lucky mode and write about absolutely nothing. I am still active on my Twitter, so I may do some live tweeting while I watch TV. Hope to be back soon.

My problem with Heirs

Credit: Hancinema


Before you throw eggs at me, hear me out!

I don’t have the problem with the show. I have a problem of how the production company controls how the show is distributed.

Money grabbing scumbags, you just shot yourselves in your feet and killed the Internet buzz you’re seeking. Anyone who thinks that he or she can control content distribution on the Internet is delusional: Even the NSA can barely keep track, let alone control the Internet. If you think making people pay is going to fend off pirating, you just gave away more reasons for bootleg copies. If you think you’re going to make more money by asking people to pay premium for HD content, you just killed the potential larger audience in the first shot.

Congratulations, you just made me scratch ‘Heirs’ off my list of shows to watch while it’s aired on TV. I’ll catch the show later. Much later.

My Anti-Extension Religion

Re: SBS offers Master’s Sun extension

I remember the days when my teacher asks me to write a paper, with the minimum number of words or pages that needs to be filled. I remember sometimes I’d make the paper with wider margins, padded the sentences with unnecessary words to fulfill the requirement.

The problem with drama extensions is just like that. The screenwriters are originally allotted a certain amount of time to tell a story, e.g. 16 episodes, then suddenly there’s a two episode extension. Usually the question comes down to, “Are there sufficient writing material for 18 or 20 episodes?”

The solution, supposedly, is the pad the story so the drama will make it to the number of extended episodes. However, the solution usually leads to more problems. What kind of padding material? If it’s just fluff or telling other stories for the sake of just telling other stories, it waters down the quality of the drama.

The other solution is to slow down the pace of the story and stretch it, like adding more words to a sentence. But that’s also a problem. Viewers are attracted to the momentum the drama originally built, and may not be patient enough to wait for the story to develop in a slower pace.

Extension usually means more money is someone’s pocket, it is easier for the production team to say yes than to say no. The trick is to find enough material that can still make the story have good momentum without watering down the quality of the show. This is something that only very few 16- or 20-episodes shows can do.

IMHO, I think The Master’s Sun is one of those shows that has some flexibility withthe storyline, so on the writing side, extension would not be as problematic, as to say, Protect the Boss. I’m still on board with the concept of ghost of the episode, so a few more formidable spirits should not hurt the pace of the story.

Shake that beer

What I’d really, really like to see, is to have Lee Jong-hyuk as Giant’s CEO come back to compete with JuGun for TaeYang’s love and as business rivals. For fun, I like them to devolve into 9-year-old boys in a recess fight for lunch money and the girl. Lee Jong-hyuk told us he can do that back in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and we have evidence So Ji-sub as JuGun is already doing that while shaking KangWoo’s beers and throw them back in the fridge.

I’m least interested in having Auntie Joo to step in and make this drama all makjang, like trying to make TaeYang go away, or have Uncle VP in this long conspiracy fit to take over Kingdom while JuGun is in a coma. There are already plenty of angst in this drama. We have yet to establish Hanna’s (HeeJoo’s twin) true intentions, her motive to steal the diamond necklace in the first place, and whether she and HeeJoo are related to the JuGun’s family in other ways besides JuGun’s initial involvement with HeeJoo. I think there’s plenty of material on that front, so detours into cliche land is something I’d not like to see.

Crossing my fingers on the extension thing. I really hate shaken beer or soda. 😛