Karma Rider

Karma Rider

This show went completely under the radar.

I really like this story. A Butterfly Lovers reboot or spinoff is not easy to make.  Not every one of the reboot or spinoff has as much impact as Denise Ho’s Butterfly Lovers’ Reincarnation.

The storytelling is done nicely. Honestly, the Chinese title (translates to “Teacher, I got it”), even the story, try not to emphasize the Butterfly Lovers’ angle. The story focuses more on the lesson taught by Buddha: the art of letting go.  Hating others ultimately means hating yourself, loving someone else more than yourself is also letting yourself stuck in a rut. The act, or even the art of, letting go is hard to achieve, let alone of mastering the craft. But, achieving that is such a sweet, sweet victory.

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One of the subtitles I’ve flirted with for this blog is “This is what happens when I watch too much TV.

I spent most of my childhood and teenage years watching Hong Kong Drama. You’ll be able to guess pretty soon how old I am once I start posting which dramas are my favorites.

The problem is, IMHO, Hong Kong dramas are dying. Honestly, it’s not because people are running out of ideas. I will discuss in length regarding the birth, the highpoint, the decline, and the slow death of Hong Kong dramas in later posts. The two-word conclusion is simple: Office Politics. I will leave the rest of the discussion in later posts.

First Post

I swore up and down I’ll not do a blog. Counting this iteration, this is my 9th failed attempt on blogging.

I decided to make this WordPress because sometimes I’m way too chatty on Twitter. I have many interests, including but not limited to watching TV, exploring new computer technologies, reading, and yoga. So it is really hard to have this blog to dedicate to one specific topic.  I’ll try to be as organized as I can with categories, so if anyone wants to read about dramas to filter out posts about dramas.