So Ji Sub in his Hip Hop do!

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I kid you not. The series is named TV Movie: Love Story (TV영화: 러브스토리). The show ran Wednesdays and Thursdays from December 1st, 1999 to January 27th, 2000. It is 16 episodes, but consisted of 8 stories that lasted 2 episodes each. This series feature Who’s Who in Korean Drama and Movies! This is the TV series where rumor has it that Song Seung Heon and Choi Ji Woo supposedly started their secret romance.

In the sixth story titled “Miss Hip Hop and Mr. Rock,” So Ji Sub plays 2nd male lead. Check out his hair!  Also featuring lovely Bae Doo Na and unforgettable Shin Sung Woo as the leads.

Please excuse quality of the screenshots for that’s the highest res I can get my hands on. Please also excuse the embedded Chinese subs as it was recorded on screen. Enjoy!