CBG Moment: Dyslexia vs. Asfedia

Disclaimer: CBG (Comic Book Guy) moments are not meant to be taken seriously. It is my non-scientific claim of certain details in a drama that are commonly misunderstood by viewers, based on a few careless lookups on Wikipedia.

In Master’s Sun, whenever Ju Jung Won tries to read, the text moves on paper in front of his eyes. Difficulty in reading = Dyslexia. Simple, right?

The thing is, dyslexia is the lack of processing power in one’s brain when reading words.  Words don’t move on paper in general for people suffering from dyslexia, it’s more likely that letters are in mirrored orientation, or letters are disorganized, but no mention of moving letters on paper.

The other disorder, Asfedia, or Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, is a better fit for Ju’s symptoms. The difficulty is caused by black letters printed on white paper, making the reading surface reflective 99.9% of the time.  People sensitive to the light reflection on paper would sense the letters moving on paper, making reading difficult.

In the end, the underlying syndrome Ju was suffering was PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) caused by the kidnapping and accidental death of girlfriend. The Asfedia is just there to show the audience that Ju’s scars may be old, but are not healing and still too fresh in his mind.

See? Comic Book Guy moment 🙂