Cain and Abel


Let’s make sense of this story.

So there are these two best friends, who are both doctors. And their wives are also doctors. Jong Min (Seon Woo’s father) convinced Cho In’s parents to make up for their honeymoon since they’ve spent all their time and energy to develop a hospital that is out to help people regardless of how much money they have.

Meanwhile Hye Joo (Seon Woo’s mother) is suspicious of her husband. Jong Min used to date Cho In’s mother and competed with Cho In’s father to get the girl. We know how that ended, but there’s no convincing Hye Joo that Jong Min is not cheating on her, and Cho In is the by-product from the infidelity. The rage and jealousy consumed Hye Joo to the extent that she made sure an accident would happen to Cho In’s parents and kill them both, along with Cho In, still developing in his mother’s womb at 33 weeks.

Jong Min being one of the most talented neurosurgeon can only save Cho In and helplessly watch Cho In’s parents die in agony and pain. A baby delivered at 33 weeks is in an incubator, and in desperate need for parents to love him like he’s their own. Jong Min being the best friend wallowing in guilt, took the responsibility to be Cho In’s father.

Hye Joo, still believing Cho In is Jong Min’s son with another woman, understandably hates Cho In. Jong Min overcompensates by making Cho In his favorite child, leaving Seon Woo out in the cold for as long as Seon Woo can remember. Seon Woo tries to hopefully gain his father’s love by being nice and brotherly to Cho In.

So you got this part of the story? Good. Now I can start with what I think went wrong with the show.


Mom hates Cho In, check. Cho In got the girl Seo Yeon instead of Seon Woo did, check. Seon Woo therefore hates Cho In enough and tries to kill him, check. Assassins hired, check.

Assassins shot Cho In in the head and left him in the desert for dead, check. Cho In dead, no. At this point, I’m having my Family Guy cutaway gag moment here. I know assassins are not doctors, but shouldn’t they be well trained enough to at least check for the lack of a pulse?


The incompetent assassins got hired again by Seon Woo later on to kill Director Oh, who hired them in the first place. Guess what? Director Oh ran away! Seriously!


I honestly believe that there is enough makjang material to work with based on the premise, so to have Mom and Seon Woo screaming like lunatics is not really my taste. I think Shin Hyun Jun and Kim Hae Suk are excellent enough actors to express repressed anger without going over the top. I blame the director on this one. At the end, I just tuned in for cuteness between Cho In and Young Ji. OMG, how cozy and comfortable can these two get with Young Ji still feeling flustered with all the skinship? *Hot* *Faint*

At the end, I just want you to look at the pretty pictures I found and ignore my rant.