The Final Combat 蓋世豪俠


It is so hard to imagine how a show with such serious Chinese and English titles is the beginning of Stephen Chow’s long journey to his unique style of comedy. This show’s got all the big guns: Stephen Chow, Jacqueline Law, Yammie Lam, Francis Ng, Ng Man Tat…just to name a few.

This is also the time where Stephen Chow met his long time director Lee Lik Chi, with follow up movies such as the Flirting Scholar, Love on Delivery, From Beijing with Love, God of Cookery, The Lucky Guy and Sholin Soccer.

The lines in this TV show is classic, the beginning of Stephen Chow brand comedy:

不如我地坐低飲啖茶,食個包,然後慢慢傾呢?How about we sit down and talk over tea and a bite to eat?

It does not look like much, but with the correct context, or the lack of, will make you roll on the floor and laugh out loud.

The theme song is also loads of awesome with under-the-radar singer David Lui, and lyrics that still speaks volumes by Poon Wai Yuen.