You Who Came From the Stars


Okay, I am on the K-Drama bandwagon sometimes. We are talking about Gianna Jun’s comeback to the small screen after 14 years. The preview of The Thieves where we see how sizzling hot she can be with Kim Soo Hyun is just the icing on the cake.

I was worried for Gianna Jun for a minute or two in the first episode. My Sassy Girlfriend made her famous, so any role that makes her look short tempered and headstrong is in that dangerous, same old same old territory. In this show so far, she is like the female version of Dokko Jin or Kang Hyun-min, which is fine with me! I may get sick and tired of the self-absorbed celebrity characters some day, but right now I’m still entertained by the not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-bag act.

I liked Cheon Song Yi’s eccentricity and her blonde moments. She is intelligent, if she puts her heart into what she wants to know, but I think her dim-headed moments is based on how she doesn’t care enough to know her surroundings. That premise has a lot of room to grow, at the writers’ mercy. Song Yi just need to have the moment hitting her hard enough to smarten up. In her conversation with her money grabbing mother, she knows money is power and knows that she’s popular because she is good looking. I think I got a peek of light that says she knows her good looks will not last forever.

Yoo In Na’s Yoo Se Mi has so much meta regarding her as an actress I sometimes find it unfunny. I really like her in Queen In Hyun’s Man, and I’d like to see her in a lead role again. Being the second female lead in such a high profile drama is not a bad idea for now. Will see what this story has for Yoo to get her acting chops on.


Do Min Joon, but the show’s requirements, has to be cool-headed alien. So far all the skinship between MJ and SY are hot and awesome. I’ll keep watching as long as the older brother killing spree does not get too makjang.