Leslie Cheung To You Chocolate

As promised, Leslie Cheung’s To You Chocolate commercial. Courtesy of YouTube user Hang Nguyen.


張國榮 Leslie Cheung

I am in speed writing mode right now, because I’m afraid I’d go blind crying.

Leslie, along with Anita, are in a separate class of multi-talented, multiple threats at movie and music awards type of artists. Sorry, George Clooney, being an Oscar triple threat is not awesome enough.

I didn’t believe it when the Internet was spreading news of Leslie’s death.  It was April 1st! It was the beginning of a hostile relationship between the press and the artists. Anything that kind of look newsworthy will be printed as long as it sells, fact checking are for wussies. I was angry enough to torch up a newspaper office when the news of his death was printed on special edition. I believed it was someone’s really sick joke, to this day, I really wished it is just a really sick joke.

Imagine the overwhelming feeling of grief when Reply 1994 decided that Hoon’s (Na Jung’s biological older brother) date of death was April 1st. The moment Na Jung’s narration mentioned about how someone is playing a sick joke and laughing in the dark, I lost it.

In reference to Reply 1994, here’s the full video of “Just like back then…”

Reply 1994


I have a confession to make. I only watched Answer Me 1997 because family is watching it.

I am all in for Reply 1994! You had me at SamChunPo claimed to be a Leslie Cheung look-alike.


Yeah, good luck claiming you look this good:


I know the writers didn’t mean for the Leslie references to be the tear-jerking parts, but I spent the best years of my life listening to some of the best work Hong Kong has ever made, and Leslie is just one of my soft spots. The saving grace for me from crying uncontrollably is how comedic Kim Sung-kyun played Sam Chun Po.

Reply 1994, you caught my heart with thorns and slowly pinch it in pain whenever the Leslie references appears.