Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey


Did I mention I was excited about Hwayugi?

I am a fan of Dragonball, TVB’s rendition to Journey to the West, plus every Hong Kong movie and TV show ever made with the story.

My return to K Dramaland was City Hall, starring…you guessed it, Cha Seung Won!

I really enjoyed Oh Yeon Seo’s performance in Come Back, Ahjussi. I have not seen Lee Hong Gi since You’re Beautiful, another drama written by Hong Sisters. Lee Seung Gi is always a joy to watch, that goes without saying.

Merry Christmas to me!


Come Back, Ahjussi

In the software development process, a reference implementation (or, less frequently, sample implementation or model implementation) is the standard from which all other implementations and corresponding customizations are derived. An improvement to a reference implementation reflects an unchanging specification. (Wikipedia: Reference Implementation)


This show is a reference implementation of a Korean Drama. See above for definition.

A Korean Drama cross references genres defined by American drama: comedy, tragedy, documentary, etc. There is also a cross over genre called dramedy, which is also know as a comedy drama. Grey’s Anatomy is an example of a dramedy. Spoilers ahead.

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