My problem with Heirs

Credit: Hancinema


Before you throw eggs at me, hear me out!

I don’t have the problem with the show. I have a problem of how the production company controls how the show is distributed.

Money grabbing scumbags, you just shot yourselves in your feet and killed the Internet buzz you’re seeking. Anyone who thinks that he or she can control content distribution on the Internet is delusional: Even the NSA can barely keep track, let alone control the Internet. If you think making people pay is going to fend off pirating, you just gave away more reasons for bootleg copies. If you think you’re going to make more money by asking people to pay premium for HD content, you just killed the potential larger audience in the first shot.

Congratulations, you just made me scratch ‘Heirs’ off my list of shows to watch while it’s aired on TV. I’ll catch the show later. Much later.