Blind Detective

Blind Detective

To appreciate how awesome this dynamic duo is, you have to watch this: Needing You... This:

Love on a diet

And this:

Yesterday once more

The three previous movies are awesome, but…as much as I’ve been in love with Andy Lau since I was 5, I didn’t think of him as a serious actor until Infernal Affairs. Having said that, I think Blind Detective is the more polished film of the four for the Lau, Cheng and To (director) trio. I have no doubts with Sammi Cheng as an actress, it has something to do with she works well with most directors, but performs especially well with director Johnnie To. Andy has played a blind person many times in many films, but none like this one. He really surprises me this time as the titled blinded detective. He spent time doing his homework to get the little details of how a visually impaired person would live for this film. The moment that really hits me was when Johnston decided to touch Ka Tung’s face to see how she looks.

This movie also features many acting greats taking on different roles of psychotic serial killers. The two actors to watch, though, are Bonnie Wong, who played Minnie’s psychotic grandma, and Phillip Keung, the crazy serial killers with all the missing girls on his rap sheet.