The Taxorcist Sidequel – Chapter One

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TVB is showing signs that it is getting hints streaming content is the future if it isn’t already so.

After TVB’s best idea ever in recent history, somebody in the company is smart enough to create exclusive web content as part of The Exorcist’s Meter franchise, a sidequel. Not a sequel, this works more like Rogue One: a Star Wars Story, where none of the original characters are the focus of this new story.

The other reason why this sidequel is so fantastic:

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Has anyone ever heard of Yeung Chiu Hoi (楊潮凱), Derek Wong (黃建東), Gloria Tang Pui Yee (鄧佩儀), or Kelly Cheung Hei Man (張曦雯)? These actors have always been playing secondary or tertiary characters in sitcoms or if they are lucky, on prime time lineup. Putting the unknowns on the Internet streaming content is probably another great idea someone in management finally took upon.

TVB, keep your current management structure, put more of your unknowns on computer screens. It is to your benefit to make these people famous.


The Exorcist’s Meter


TVB’s best idea, although doing it on the cheap, was rewarding HKD$10,000(~$USD1,280) to anyone with new ideas for screenplay. Hence the screenplay for the Exorcist’s Meter (降魔的).

Supernatural stories are nothing new, but when you add some local flavors,
i.e. Hong Kong cab driver with supernatural capabilities, you have yourself a show with lots of potential. There are award buzzes for Kenneth Ma after years of not breaking into top ranks.

Kenneth Ma? Vincent Wong? This TVB awards season should be interesting.