Thrice Married Woman (Fast Forward Edition)

I claim that everybody does this once in their lives: Fast forward to the parts of the drama they like, skipping the parts they don’t. I was doing this to my VCR so much; I wish I could do that to my TV. Just bear with me, I’m still talking about the days before streaming and on demand video.

So. About Thrice-Married Woman. I honestly cannot watch the part about Lee Ji Ah, her husband and her ex-husband. I’m just not into the whole child custody tug-of-war setup.

Then there’s the of Eom Ji Won’s storyline. A vet who’s a womanizer? Check. A pet toy designer in love with a vet? Check. A crazy friend left at the altar by the vet? Check. The hijinks are unbelievable at times, but the comic relief from all the family tug-of-war is a breath of fresh air.

3xwoman_02 3xwoman_03 3xwoman_06

I really love the part where the crazy friend and the womanizing vet are still friends within a week the wedding is botched. The bickering is absolutely fun to watch. There’s some unexplainable magic with three characters in a room. See “The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry”.

It’s too bad there may not be much to watch after all the fast forwarding. I’m going to savor every moment.