Season 2, Other Stories, or Spinoff?

There is a line between whether a series qualifies as Season 2 of a previous series, a spinoff of another series, or a collection of other stories of another series.  Triumph in the Skies (II) officially violated the qualification of being Season 2.

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Triumph in the Skies (II) half-time report

Triumph in the Skies (II)
Triumph in the Skies (II)

Triumph in the Skies (II) is planned for 43 episodes. So at episode 21, it’s fair enough to do a half-time report!

Nice thing about TVB is that these guys don’t do extensions, but a big fan of going for another season. Holy moly, this is a long-awaited season 2, it’s been 10 years to the dot!

First off, I am not worried about the artistic perspective, e.g. wardrobe, cinematography, TVB is usually very consistent with that. There is even less of a worry when this is season 2 of a very popular season 1 TV show, so TVB would reserve the A-team for  the wardrobe and camera crew. Except Karma Rider. But I have a separate post on why makeup is so bad on that show later.

What I usually worried about for a TV show, as you will see over and over again in my post, is the screen writing. There’s a lot of pressure for any season 2 of a drama, due to how popular season 1 was. Ten years also means a lot of change of staff, not just actors, on the directing and writing team.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of one-two punch witty one-liners in each scene. TVB has quality writers to keep the dialog zippy and witty. What troubles me is the big picture, the main story lines.

It’s nice to have lots of characters and lots of stories to keep the episodes action packed and zippy. It’s another story when the writers are having trouble connecting the stories together.  For example, Sam and Jayden works together, with sometimes being competitive with one another, but there are virtually no other direct relationship, and very little interaction at half way point of this drama! I understand the audience’s span of attention is not as long as it’s used to be, but to only spend half an episode to tell only half a story, then hopping onto other stories suddenly is an insult to the storyline you try to present. There is going to be another post where I complain what TVB tries to do to cut down production cost, and how that affects the quality of TVB dramas.

Verdict: I like all the stories in general, just don’t like how unconnected they are.