It’s really weird where things go. I swear up and down I’d watch more K-dramas and ended up watching none, now I swear up and down I’d watch less TV and ended up watching my 4th drama this year already.

My #1 complaint with Korean shows in general is, the premise is fantastic and promising, and ended up flaming out towards the end of the show. The running joke is, the writing is enough to fill 12 episodes of plot but need to stretch out for 16 episodes. Honestly, Introverted Boss is one of those dramas where it leaves me wonder without the drastic rewrite in the middle, would it have been a better show. Do Bong Soon has her own plot holes but not enough for me to question the writing philosophy behind the show.

I just finished watching Tunnel. It is up there with The Goblin as one of the well fleshed-out, well thought-out dramas on the screenwriting front. The pace is tight and adrenaline-filled in the necessary spots. The emotions and relations are well explained and well used as plot devices without feeling too odd of how people are related on the timeline. It slowed down just a little at the end, but not enough for me to call it dragging out and milking things at the end.

I am not surprised that this is one of the highest rated shows on OCN. I don’t think there’s going to be a season two with this original ensemble, but…I’m all for a spinoff or sister show with similar plot devices should OCN want to plan for season two.