Reply 1994 Extended by one episode

Please refer to my post on why I’m against extensions on dramas.

This is in reference to Viki’s Reply 1994 Channel Manager salz:

[ Reply 1994 ] Hi “Reply 1994” Followers!
I have some great news for you all. Reply 1994 will be extended by one episode and will conclude with 21 episodes.
Thank you for your continued support thus far. Have a wonderful weekend!

Reply 1994

I’d rather have episode 21 as a special, unless the extension does not affect the pace of the story after rewriting is done. I tend to agree with Javabeans’s take. I am on Team Na Jung for the most part, not so much Team Oppa, Team Chilbonggi, or Team Haitai. I really dislike the idea of being jerked around for one more episode.