The White Dragon

小白龍情海翻波 The White Dragon

From Wikipedia: An Achilles’ heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall.

Everybody has an Achilles’ heel. If you think there isn’t one for you, you just haven’t found it. That’s the translation I get for 死穴 when I typed it in Google Translate. I wanted to describe 死穴 as weakness, but that really is not strong enough of a translation. It really means a pressure point on the human body that can kill someone when it is attacked.

White Dragon’s (Cecilia Cheung) weakness is being in love with the Second Prince (Andy On). Chicken Feathers (Francis Ng) is a hired assassin out to kill the Second Prince. Hence, White Dragon was set out trying to find Chicken Feathers’ weakness and take him out.

So a good portion of the movie involves White Dragon trying to figure out how to take out Chicken Feathers. She tried. And tried. Then this happened while she tried to stab him in the back:

White Dragon kissMeanwhile, Chicken Feathers has all these “Aw…” moments in the movie. Man tou (饅頭) is too hard? I’ll buy you softer ones. You just don’t like Man tou? I’ll make you Xiao Lung Bao (小籠包). What do I want to see if I ever get my eyesight back? I want to look at you.

There was nothing wrong with White Dragon’s original intention to marry the Second Prince. Her wish represents a simpler time, that was every little girl’s dream. The progression of her moving towards Chicken Feathers represented her growing up, looking past Chicken Feathers’ blindness and learned to love him for who he is.

We also finally learned what really is Chicken Feathers’ Achilles Heel near the end of the film:

White Dragon: Didn’t I take away your powers? How come…
Chicken Feathers: I don’t have a weakness.
White Dragon: No weaknesses?
Chicken Feathers: Knowing (Loving) you is my weakness.

The movie is under the category of romantic comedy. I loved the romance between White Dragon and Chicken Feathers. The comedy really sucked. Yes, it sucked! The movie only got a cheap laugh out of me during the groin kicking part. The word puns were thrown together at random, for example, Chicken Feathers is a long shot word pun for Salvatore Ferragamo. Cecilia Cheung and Andy On did not convince me with the budding romance between the Second Prince and White Dragon’s pagan identity Black Phoenix. Thank goodness Francis Ng stepped in and made the romance between Chicken Feathers and White Dragon convincing. My guess is, this is one of the films Francis was talking about in one of his interviews, where he stated he may have received poorly written scripts, but never any poorly written characters.

My advice: Just fast forward the comedy that tried too hard, and go straight to the romance.